Life without animal food, the doctors talked about the pros and cons of vegetarianism

Life without animal food, the doctors talked about the pros and cons of vegetarianism

MOSCOW, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. Karina Kamalova. Vegetarianism has ceased to be a rare phenomenon and is increasingly finds its adherents, however, this form of nutrition limits the body in getting protein and vitamins, they say interviewed by RIA Novosti experts, noting also that, according to separate research, vegetarianism reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

About how useful such a restrictive diet, what are the pros and cons of vegetarianism and whether you want to teach children to live without meat, read the material RIA Novosti.

Most importantly — balance

To date, expert opinions about vegetarianism strongly disagree, said chief freelance specialist dietitian Department of health capital Antonina Starodubova.

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“Vegetarianism is a type of restrictive type of diet. It is quite difficult to provide the body with all nutrients, especially protein and vitamins, especially if to speak about the stricter types of vegetarianism,” said Starodubov.

However, according to her, today there are some scientific studies that demonstrate the classic relationship of vegetarianism with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. That vegetarianism involves eating only plant-based foods, but eggs, milk and dairy products, said the nutritionist. However, there are other, more rigorous forms.

For example, lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products but do not eat eggs, and ovo-vegetarians, on the contrary, eating eggs, but not dairy-free. The most strict is veganism, which involves a complete rejection of animal products, including honey.

As said the doctor, in order for such a diet had on the health of only a positive effect, the human diet should be balanced and optimal, and best of all — professionally designed by a dietician based on the condition of man, his individual needs, lifestyle and of course exercise regimen.

Unbalanced, ill-considered, unhealthy diet is always negatively affects health and can lead to anemia, acute gastritis, gastric ulcer, and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract, lack of muscle mass, weakness, fatigue, low immunity and many other health problems.Antonina Starodubova of the Department of health of Moscow

According to her, the decision to become a vegetarian should be balanced and deliberate act of an adult.

Vegetarianism for children?

According to the Starodubova, vegetarianism may have a negative impact on the child’s body.

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“Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are vital for normal growth and development. But the more restrictions, the more difficult to provide adequate diet and malnutrition is associated with a catastrophic risk to the child’s health now and in the future,” said a nutritionist, adding that to a full healthy diet that includes enough veggies and fruits, a person must be accustomed from an early age.

According to her, children must know what foods should be eaten daily and which ones to limit, so parents, it is important to teach your child to make wise food choices from a position of optimal nutrition.