Australia’s drought has broken a 100 year record

Australia’s drought has broken a 100 year record

Meteorologists predict a continuation of current climate conditions to the end of the season.


Heat waves are now not only in Europe but also in South Australia. In New South Wales recorded the worst drought in more than a hundred years.

Because of the extreme heat and lack of rain affected farmland, livestock, and wild animals. For example, kangaroos in search of food and water started to make raids on cities. Animals behave aggressively and pose a danger for local residents and their property.

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The Australian national weather service also noted that the amount of water in the dam near the town of Coonabarabran declined by 23 percent. If this weather will hold on, by the end of the month, the region will remain without drinking water.

In addition, a great danger and dust storms, a typical phenomenon during a drought.

The Australian government has allocated $ 600 million to support drought-affected States.

This is also interesting: Humanity has used up all the resources the planet is able to recover during the year