The frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” will give the Russian Navy

The frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” will give the Russian Navy

On Saturday, July 28, will take place the solemn ceremony of raising the Andreevsky flag on the head of the project 22350 frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”.

Then the ship will take part of the Russian Navy (VMF), reported in Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defense.

The ceremony will be held at the plant “Severnaya Verf” in St. Petersburg.

The transfer of the frigate the Navy will be held on the eve of the main military-sea parade. “Admiral Ushakov” will be also involved in it.

The ship arrived in the Gulf of Finland, successfully having made the transition from inter-fleet Severomorsk in the Arctic Barents sea, the detachment of the Northern fleet, among them the missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov”, the big anti-submarine ship “Severomorsk” and a nuclear underwater cruiser “eagle”, marks “RIA Novosti”.

Admiral Gorshkov — lead ship of project 22350. Ships in this series are designed for combat operations in a distant ocean zone.

A frigate with a displacement of 5.3 thousand tons and a length of 135 m and reaches a maximum speed of 29 knots. “Admiral Gorshkov” capable of destroying surface and ground targets with guns and missiles — supersonic “Yakhont” cruise “Calibers”.

On 27 July, “Izvestiya” reported that on the Main naval parade on Sunday in honor of Navy day will show the newest Russian warships. The parade will be attended by more than 30 warships, a few dozen fighter aircraft, various military jets and helicopters.

The new parade will be the large landing ship (BDK) “Ivan Gren”, the scout ship “Ivan Khurs”, the newest small-size missile ship “Hurricane” (22800 project “Karakurt”).