A French mayor has banned mosquitoes

A French mayor has banned mosquitoes

In the French town of Briol, Department of Maine and Loire, banned mosquitoes. This publication reports The Connexion.

Local residents began to complain about the dominance of blood-sucking insects after the flood in late July. The mayor Briol responded with a decree banning mosquitoes in the city. In addition, he has installed mosquito traps near the town hall, primary schools and kindergarten.

“This comic by the way I tried to convey to the citizens the idea that in fact there’s nothing I can do about it, — the mayor explained. — Most thought it was funny”. After the decree of mosquitoes was less, however, according to him, it has nothing to do with the ban.

In 2016, it was reported that Sweden has passed the championship on catching of mosquitoes. The winner caught 135 insects. The competition was arranged after the ban on processing local forests means against mosquitoes.