The President of Ecuador stated that Assange needs to leave the Embassy in London

The President of Ecuador stated that Assange needs to leave the Embassy in London

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno stated that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange eventually will need to leave the country’s Embassy in London, where he is a fugitive since 2012, Reuters reports.


He added that he had already discussed the situation with the British authorities.

The day before that the WikiLeaks founder can’t hide forever in the Embassy of Ecuador, said foreign Minister Jose Valencia. The diplomat urged to discuss the problem in the framework of international law with three parties: the UK government, the government of Ecuador and Assange’s lawyers. He also recalled that, under the terms of asylum, Assange can’t make political statements, and to say anything that puts at risk the relationship between Ecuador and other States.

Political asylum

Assange is in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since 2012. On the political asylum he requested of fear of being ekstrudirovannyy Swedish authorities in the United States in connection with his activities in WikiLeaks.

In late March, the government of Ecuador has deprived Assange of communication with the outside world.

According to authorities, the behavior of the WikiLeaks founder and his social media posts threaten the country’s improved relations with great Britain, EU countries and other States.

Some media reported that Assange may be denied further asylum. However, before official confirmation of this from Quito was not.