On the Yucatan Peninsula found a cave with Mayan drawings

On the Yucatan Peninsula found a cave with Mayan drawings

Archaeologists have discovered on the yucat√°n Peninsula cave, whose walls are covered with drawings of the Maya, reports the Latin American Herald Tribune. According to researchers, this could be a significant discovery for the region.

From IV to X century Yucatan was the center of the Mayan civilization, which is known thanks to written language, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems, and art. The main purpose of painting the Maya was a decoration, however it also had a definite religious and historical meaning. Most often, the tribes made their drawings on the walls: a technique of applying the paint is still not fully understood. The Mayan people were familiar with a dye, for example, blue, orange, red, green, and pink.

Treasure of the Mayan cave paintings discovered in southeast Mexico https://buff.ly/2mLhhPk

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A group of archaeologists under the leadership of Sergio Grosjean Abineri (Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi), head of the Mexican Institute of ecology, science and culture, found in the jungle in the East of the Yucatan cave, located at a depth of 12 meters.

Its walls were covered with paintings depicting birds and mammals, geometric and human figures (including soldiers), cross and hand prints. The drawings cover an area with a length of 15 meters and a height of 5 meters.

The discovery is remarkable in that the found wall paintings contain many details. Archaeologists hope to learn more about the customs of the Maya, despite the fact that they are unclear what is meant by the detected image and to what period they belong. Researchers have already contacted the specialists from the National Institute of anthropology and history (INAH), as well as with other scientists, who will come soon to the site, and will help the group Abineri identify items.

Despite the fact that the Mayan civilization is known to scientists for a long time, they still continue to make discoveries. Recently, archaeologists using lidar have discovered in Guatemala more than 60 thousand buildings of the Maya, as well as one of the largest tombs of the elite of civilization.