The pair miraculously returned an engagement ring lost on the beach

The pair miraculously returned an engagement ring lost on the beach

They helped two little girls and the social network.

Gary Crossan with his wife Maria and son Dylan at the end of June vacationing on the beach in the village of Portsalon in Ireland. Swimming, Gary discovered that he had lost his wedding ring, which in a strange way unbeknownst to him has fallen off my finger.

At first the man tried to find him on the beach, but quickly realized that it was hopeless.

His loss he no longer hoped to return, when suddenly a month later he came across a post in Facebook that on the beach in Portsalon was found a gold ring with the engraving “Maria” and wedding date.

I found this gold wedding ring last week on Portsalon Beach near the pier. It has “Maria” and a date engraved inside. Please share – would be great to get it back to its owner. Thanks.

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Gary immediately contacted the author of the announcement by the name of Anna Bush and learned that his ring found her daughters: 6-year-old Lola and 3-year-old Macy. Girls discovered the loss when he was building the sand castle.

My piece in today’s @IrishTimes on @LetterkennyAc couple Gary Crossan and Maria McCambridge and the lost wedding ring

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