Surviving in the jungle, a lone native first came to video

Surviving in the jungle, a lone native first came to video

In the Amazon rainforest for the first time took video of the native, which was the last survivor of his tribe. On the video drew the attention of the Guardian.

The footage, shot in Brazil, captured half-naked man of about 50 years. Researchers claim that he lived alone for about 22 years. During this time, scientists first managed to film him so intimately.

During the download an error has occurred.He’s fine, he hunts and grows papaya and corn. He has a great health and mental condition because of the constant physical activity.Altair Aguirregaray coordinator of the National Indian Foundation

According to the scientist, the man hunting for forest game with a bow, and dig pit-traps with sharp wooden spikes at the bottom.

His tribe began to destroy in the 1970-1980-ies of the loggers and farmers who seized the territory in the jungle. In 1995, they killed of the last five, he miraculously managed to survive. The national Foundation for the Indians for the first time found the man in 1996 and have since tracked its fate. With him not tried to make contact, but was guarding his territory. The natives have several times left a machete, seeds and axes, but he refused to take them.

Experts from the National Foundation of Indians believe that in the jungle in Brazil live about 113 are isolated from the civilization of the tribes. Until were able to confirm the existence of only 27 of them. Although the languages of the tribes belong to the same group, they can dramatically vary depending on the region.