Scientists told how to change the gait of a man on the moon

Scientists told how to change the gait of a man on the moon

Russian experts have studied gait changes in conditions similar to the conditions of the lunar mission.

The Director of the research Institute for space medicine, Federal biomedical Agency Viktor Baranov, told how the walk of a man after being in conditions simulating a flight to the moon. “I changed tactics walk, bend angles in the knee, the ankle joint,” said rams, adding that the subjects began to walk not from heel to toe and the entire foot.

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These results were obtained on the stands that Sri used in the past — now the Institute has a new installation that allow you to adjust the angle depending on that what is simulated, flight in interplanetary space or gravity of other celestial bodies different from the earth.

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To create a lunar conditions with the test platform is exposed on the angle of 9.6°, which bearing is affected only one-sixth of the mass of a person — as in lunar gravity. To create the conditions of interplanetary flight platform put on the right angle of -15°, that is, “the cosmonaut” is a bit upside down. While Baranov does not exclude that on the new stands, the scientists get results that are different from previously obtained.

The next series of experiments on the new stands began June 23 and will last until October 26. In the course of research, the Institute will check the health level of a person during the stay on the moon, speed and power changes in the feet, stress, change in pain threshold, changes in the composition of blood and water balance.