Kazakhstan excavator operator survived after falling 100-ton block

Kazakhstan excavator operator survived after falling 100-ton block

Moscow. July 21. INTERFAX.RU — IN the Akmola region of Kazakhstan in the career of the Vasilkovsky mining and processing plant (GOK) successfully completed an operation to rescue from under the rubble of the excavator.

“About 10 minutes ago I was told that the son was removed from under the rubble. Now he was taken for examination to hospital”, — said the Agency “Interfax-Kazakhstan” the father of the excavator operator Ekaterina Akopov.

In turn the chief of Department of emergency situations Alexey Sovetov said the Agency that the operation to remove the man from the wreckage lasted 12 hours.

“The difficulty was that I went rock mass weighing about 500 tons, broke away from her rock element weighing about 100 tons. Initially wanted to make a tunnel side and bottom, but it (the excavator — if) hurt. Tried metal heat — it’s hot. Even with turpentine smeared to get. The result is freed first one leg, then the second and pulled to the surface accompanied by the applause!” — told Advice.

According to him, the condition of the driver “normal, talking, visually no bone fractures, but the final say in the hospital.”

Career Vasilkovskiy mining and processing complex on the morning of 21 Jul a multi-ton rock crushed the excavator, which was a 25-year-old worker, rubble, he hurt his leg.