Trump called the meeting with Putin turning point in the relationship

Trump called the meeting with Putin turning point in the relationship

MOSCOW, 16 Jul — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the US President Donald trump held in Helsinki the first meeting outside the framework of multilateral international forums.


Their conversation alone lasted two hours and ten minutes. The American leader immediately after the meeting tet-a-tet has estimated it as positive.

“This is a good start. This is a good start for everyone,” said trump before the working lunch, which is attended by Russian and American delegations.

After the completion of negotiations in extended format, heads of state held a joint press conference.

“The cold war is over”

Take the first word of the Russian leader. He noted that the talks were held in a Frank and business-like atmosphere, was successful and useful. Putin said that the difficulties and the tense atmosphere in the relations between Russia and the United States do not have objective reasons. He recalled that the cold war is long over.

The era of sharp ideological confrontation of the two countries have gone far in the past, the world situation has changed dramatically.Mr Putinprime of the Russian Federation

According to the Russian President, Moscow and Washington are faced with other challenges. Among them, the balancing mechanisms of international security, as well as the spread of threats of terrorism. Putin expressed hope that Russia will be able to come to an understanding with the United States to address these problems by common efforts. He also said that he expects talks with trump to outline the first steps to improve relations between the two countries.

What was able to negotiate

The President cited examples of successful cooperation between Russian and American intelligence services.

“The most recent example is the close operational interaction with a group of American experts in the field of security in the framework of which ended yesterday in Russia of world football Championship,” — said Putin.

The President also noted that the Russian delegation submitted its proposals on cooperation with the USA in the sphere of strategic stability and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.