Trump has compared Putin with Kim Jong-UN

Trump has compared Putin with Kim Jong-UN

Published in the Daily Mail the day before the meeting of presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald trump’s interview the US President said that he was able to build good relations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, although it considers the latter “a ruthless dictator”.

Putin’s trump dictator is not directly named, but indicated that he, too, is a ruthless man.

“We got on very well with Kim Jong-UN. He is very intelligent, interesting personality, funny and tough man, a good negotiator,” said trump in an interview on Board the presidential plane. “…and also a ruthless dictator,” — said the journalist of the Daily Mail piers Morgan. “Of course he’s ruthless, but he is not alone… many of those with whom I’m dealing with ruthless people,” said trump.

“And Putin, too?” — asked the journalist. “Can’t say, but I think so. But others, too. You know, if we can establish relations with Russia, it will be fine,” said trump.

According to the President of the United States, foreign policy of the current administration is noticeably better than under President Barack Obama. “In the last couple years of the Obama presidency there was talking only about North Korea. I don’t blame him, but simply say that it was a big problem. Launches, a nuclear test… — said trump. And look at the last nine months — no rocket launches or nuclear tests… What did I do? I met him”.

Meeting trump and Putin will be held on Monday 16 July in Helsinki. According to the foreign Ministry of Finland, the presidents of the two powers to meet at Breakfast at the presidential residence of the receiving party in Mäntyniemi, and the bilateral conversation between the U.S. and Russia will be held in the Gothic hall of the Presidential Palace. Followed by a working lunch in a broader format, followed by a joint press conference with trump and Putin. Separate talks will be conducted by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo.