London published an exit strategy from the EU

London published an exit strategy from the EU

The UK government has published a strategy for “Broksita”, which presents a vision of future relations with the EU. They are, according to the document, will be based on mutual benefit, will be respected as Britain’s sovereignty and independence of the EU.

“We leave the EU but remain in Europe,” the document reads.

Mutual access of goods to markets will remain in force, will be saved jobs, there will be new opportunities in the market. This is a London to establish a free trade zone.

Strategy for future relations between the UK and the EU will develop this fall. London expects that the result of “Breccia” the country will become stronger and more cohesive.

Earlier posts have left the key Ministers in charge of the process of withdrawal from the EU: on 8 July the post of the Minister “Breccia” left David Davis, and the next day left post by the head of the foreign Ministry Boris Johnson. They both insisted on more stringent agreements in the field of trade and customs control.

A new round of negotiations with the EU will start in early next week.