All 12 kids and a coach brought to the surface from the cave in Thailand

All 12 kids and a coach brought to the surface from the cave in Thailand

All 12 children displayed on the surface of the cave complex of Tham Luang in Thailand, local media reported. Last brought to the surface of the coach, accompanied the group and one of the boys.


Four military divers involved in the operation, remained in the cave and soon also plan to swim, according to the army division “seals” of Thailand.

The rescue operation began on July 8. Rescuers had a choice — to begin to rescue the children as soon as possible while weather conditions deteriorated, or to wait until the rainy season passes. The boys were in the cave since June 23.

In the first case, there were risks associated with the fact that children would have to swim under water in the dark, passing difficult places. In the second case, the boys would have to stay in the cave for a few months.

The authorities decided not to hesitate and to teach young people diving to get them out in the current environment.

Earlier Tuesday it was reported that physical and emotional health of the first eight boys rescued from flooded caves, not serious. Brought to the surface the children passed all the necessary examinations and blood tests.

The two boys started to treat lung infections. They will stay in the hospital at least a week.

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Some of the rescued boys was the low temperature of the body, one had a weak pulse, but they already came back to normal. Fever in children is also observed.

The doctors said that initially the children were fed soluble food and energy gels, but now they are translated into easily digestible food.

To see family, and they can only through the glass partition.

Once surveys confirm that boys have no risk of infections, they are allowed to meet with families. However, they still have to keep them at a distance of not less than two meters.

Due to the fact that children spent in darkness for more than two weeks, coming into the sunlight, they are forced to wear sunglasses.

In connection with the health of children will not be able to go to the world Cup in Russia, as previously thought, according to correspondent Bi-bi-si Richard Conway. FIFA promised to invite them to another championship.

Initially it was assumed that a stuck in the cave, the group may be there for a few months but July 8, the Governor of Chiang Rai province and the head of the rescue mission Narongsak Ostankin said that at present, conditions are ideal for rescue operations.

“Now and in the next three or four days the conditions are ideal [for the evacuation] regarding the water level, the weather and the health of the boys,” said then Narongsak.

Rescuers had to hurry and start the operation as soon as possible, for fear that may soon begin of monsoon rains that flooded the narrow tunnels in the cave.

Children rescued from the cave one by one. This was done due to the fact that some passages in the cave was quite narrow. In addition, rescuers believed that if one child panicked, panic would include other children.

Boys were taught to use akvalangisty equipment, but they have no experience of immersion, so the operation is associated with greater risk.

However, one expert said in interview Bi-bi-si that the age of children and their inexperience can play a positive role: children may not be able to fully be aware of the dangers that await them on the way out of the cave.

Earlier during the rescue operation were killed by a former soldier, the Thai Navy petty officer Saman Gunan.

He brought the boys and their coach, oxygen tanks, and he lost consciousness on the way back. Gunna pulled out his partner, but to bring him back to life failed.