Rescuers in Thailand are evacuated from a flooded cave four more children

Rescuers in Thailand are evacuated from a flooded cave four more children

BANGKOK, 9 Jul — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. The second phase of the unique rescue operation in the North of Thailand, was successful on the surface from the sunken caves of Tham Luang evacuated for four teenagers.


The third phase of the operation, as stated on Monday at the headquarters of the rescue workers, will begin on Tuesday, however, it is unknown whether the right to withdraw from the cave still in her five players Junior football team “the Boar Forest”. Teenagers and their 25-year-old coach came to the cave on June 23 and was blocked a few hours by a sudden flood, flooded up to the ceiling many chambers and corridors of the cave towards the exit. After nine days the young players on a small ledge in the far chamber of the cave, five kilometers from the entrance, they found coming to him more than a week the divers.

The second phase was easier and faster

The first four “wild Boar” were evacuated Sunday. Operation on the main portion of which has worked 90 divers, took 11 hours. As stated on Monday at the evening briefing, the chief of the joint staff the search and rescue operation in the cave Tham Luang Narongsak Osathanon, Monday to evacuate managed two hours faster. According to him, this affected the experience acquired in the course of the evacuation, held the day before: all the circumstances zamedlenie work on Sunday, was on Monday taken into account.

Hours breaks between the phases, operations are explained primarily by the need to replace hundreds of spare compressed air cylinders, which the lifeguards put on the escape route every 25 meters. They are used to replace empty cylinders, of which in the course of evacuation breathing all involved in the operation, the divers and towed the kids, Osathanon said at the briefing Sunday after the end of the first phase of the operation. On Monday, he was reminded of that again. Also, he continued, children second day in a row leads out of the cave, the same team of 13 foreign divers and specialists in diving in caves and the five most experienced combat swimmers special forces naval forces of Thailand. Between the phases of the operation, the divers, who account for the lion’s share of the load, must rest, said the chief of the joint staff.

Saying that the evacuation will continue on Tuesday, he said that while unable to predict how it will go and whether it will be possible to evacuate all remaining in the cave.

“Plan, under which we operate, designed for the simultaneous withdrawal of four people. We cannot yet say, will we be able tomorrow to bring to the surface all five “wild Boar”, which is still in the cave,” said Osathanon. He explained that a lot depends on weather conditions: if approaching the Northern Thailand the cyclone will bring in the coming hours by continuous heavy rainfall, further evacuation may face additional difficulties.

He stressed that the forced pumping of water from the cave does not stop for a minute for almost two weeks. In the day rescuers evacuated 50 thousand cubic meters of water.

In this phase of the operation involved thousands of people. However, a long shower can help increase the level of water in the cave, which at the moment is optimal for evacuation. The result of many days of efforts to pumping water level in the cave fell so that the total length of sections that the children and their attendants have to overcome under water decreased from 2 kilometers to 1.2 kilometers, said Osathanon at the daily noon briefing on Monday. The rain may again increase this distance, increasing thus the level of danger of the operation.

“But I said that yesterday and I repeat today: the current in these days conditions, from the point of view of water level, the weather and the willingness of participants, including children themselves, while optimal for its implementation”, — said on Monday the head of the joint staff.