Foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson resigned

Foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson resigned

MOSCOW, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned, said the office of the British government.

The resignation of Johnson was the second in recent days. On the eve of the post of Minister for Brexit left David Davis.

Both dismissals are connected with the aggravated in recent days by disagreements within the government regarding the approach to Brexit.

Johnson and Davis were key Ministers in the Cabinet may, they were supporters of “Brexit hard”.

The controversy surrounding Brexit

Last Friday, may has announced its intention to soften the terms of the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. The Prime Minister said that the United Kingdom would offer the EU to create a free trade area, and to define the list of industrial products and agricultural products that do not fall under future limitations.

This program did not suit the supporters of a tougher approach to the country’s exit from the European single market. In their opinion, implementation of this plan will retain the dependence of the UK from the EU and creates advantage for global corporations to the detriment of local producers.

Official document (white paper) on the position of London in the negotiations with Brussels should publish next week.


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