Circus elephant collapsed on people during the performance

Circus elephant collapsed on people during the performance

In Germany, the elephant during a circus performance fell on the audience. The video of the incident drew the attention of the German division of the animal protection organization PETA.

In the video the elephant named Mala RAM tusks her relatives, and she falls from the arena directly into the audience during the presentation of the circus Kroner. Those flee while trainers repel animals from attacking the victim. The elephant barely gets up, limping on one leg. After a short break, the presentation continued.

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One of the spectators received minor injuries, and a female elephant swollen leg.

Animal rights activists have noted that captive elephants of different species are often forced to play together, which leads to conflicts, since the behavior of Asian and African elephants in herds vary. They also argue that animals in the circus Crowns are kept on a leash 18-20 hours a day and call to ban performances involving animals in the country.

The head of the circus by Jean Mandana (Jana Mandana) stated that fighting between animals is “normal and natural”, as they vie for power in the group.