What to do if your tour operator went bankrupt

What to do if your tour operator went bankrupt

Thousands of Russian tourists in recent days found themselves in an unpleasant situation due to the actual bankruptcy of tour operators.

If a tourist is on holiday

You need to contact the Association “Turpomosch” or in Rosturizm. Phones “hot lines” for the victims is on the websites of these organizations. “Turpomosch” exists specifically in order to save people in such situations.

The Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) suggest all the checks, for example, for re-payment of the hotel room, the purchase of new tickets, fees and so on, save before returning home. Expenses can be confirmed in the extract from the Bank card. After returning to Russia, tourists have to apply for a refund attach copies of documents of payment and to refer to a travel Agency, sold the ticket.

The tour is purchased, but the trip will not take place

Also need to apply for a refund. Lawyers ATOR strongly recommend not to use phrases like “please cancel the tour.” You need to clearly indicate that the cause was “the failure of the tour operator obligations and the inability to take advantage of the paid tour.”

The statement is sent to the travel Agency. It was his duty to further the relationship with the tour operator and the obtaining of his money for the failed trip. The Law “On protection of consumer rights” does not specify the exact dates of refund for unused services, there is a paragraph on the timing of response to written application — 10 days. Refunds also will be made to the account of the Agency, which then must pass them to tourists. It is important that the calculation directly with the consumer, bypassing the middleman, in such a situation is impossible. If tourists had to fly from another city via Moscow and they have lost the tickets, they may compensate for their cost by the travel Agency. You can also claim compensation for moral damage, fines and penalties, but the obligation to compensate them from tour operator without judgment no.