The beaches of the UK attacked the drunk seagulls

The beaches of the UK attacked the drunk seagulls

Birds behave inappropriately and suffer from a hangover.

At the Royal society for the protection of animals in the UK told me about an unexpected problem: in the counties of Dorset, Devon and Somerset Seagull suddenly addicted to alcohol.

At first people started to receive complaints about aggressive and inappropriate behavior of birds, and there were also reports that sometimes they literally fall from the sky, and their sick. Environmentalists have sounded the alarm, but it was later revealed that the reason the drinking, which started to eat the gulls.

Seagulls reeking of beer and throwing up after getting drunk on leftover booze

Olly (@OllyBU) July 5, 2018

According to the RSPCA, they’re trying to take very desperate “alcoholics” for rehabilitation in the veterinary clinic has already sent more than 30 birds. In turn, environmentalists urge people not to leave such “gifts” on the beaches, because the drunken gulls are so insolent that they have themselves taken at rest glasses.

“Seagulls taken to RSPCA ‘after drinking from discarded beer cans'”

— fullpint (@fullpint) July 6, 2018