Netizens talked about “unique” things come from the Soviet Union

Netizens talked about “unique” things come from the Soviet Union

A moment of nostalgia.

Belarusian blogger under the nickname Maxim Mirovich published in Twitter a photo that only a person “born in the USSR” will evoke warm childhood memories, mitten elastic.

When I was asked to recall the great Soviet invention, then comes to mind only this. Everything else was stolen.

— ⭐This Maxim Mirovich (@maxim_nm) July 4, 2018

According to the author, this was a unique invention of the Soviet man, but in the comments it was corrected and told that these gloves were previously the Americans, Germans and even the Egyptians.

This post pulled a wave of memories, and people began to share things and remember that only we understand. However, it was not without plagiarism.

Traditional mittens indigenous people of Alaska and mittens us army 1960s. In German uniforms of the 2nd world war there is a special loop in the armpits for this garbage.
This invention thousands of years.

— Valentine Kleyner (@v_kleyner) July 4, 2018

the onion in the stocking, shopping bag, cover with cork.

— Ruslan Kiianchenko (@kruslan2005) July 5, 2018

Another was a hat which had laces, and was gum. In order not to tie, just twist the rubber from the bottom and then put on the head. gum well-kept a hat on his head.

— koka-lermont (@shevler5) July 5, 2018

That is fine! And apartment keys on a rope on the neck under the dress?

— Vita Brevis (@lisabondarenko) July 4, 2018

And in childhood, these ropes trying to somehow break? I still remember the fucked – handkerchief stitched to the pocket.

— Leningrad Principality (@fakemask1230) July 4, 2018

And the sandpaper to glue on the soles under the ice?

— Vicktoor (@vicktootf6) July 4, 2018