“Husband ordered to kill me — but I forgive him”

“Husband ordered to kill me — but I forgive him”

When August 18, 2012 Nancy shore returned home, she was attacked by an unknown man and shot him in the head. In the hospital she learned that he ordered the murder of her husband, but believe it could not.

Ordinary August afternoon 2012 50-year-old Nancy shore by car went back home from Church, where she was waiting for the killer. The woman survived but is still in the hospital, was shocked to learn whom the police considers as the customer of her murder. The news shocked her to the core, we couldn’t believe it.

We had a great marriage. Of course, like all, we had a problem. We had some perfect match, and from time to time we have disagreements, but we always get these problems solved.Nancy

Nancy married Frank Howard in 1983 year, they lived in Carrollton in Texas. The couple raised three children.

“He was a very kind, gentle, loving. He has a lot of children. Frank was a football coach and when the kids were little, we went to all their games. They were also fond of music,” says Nancy.

The couple sang in the choir of the local Church and have hosted home Bible study for young people.

But when the children grew up, Frank, an accountant by profession, began increasingly to travel. Nancy was left alone.

“All my life I was a housewife, raise children, and it was my job. And when the children left home, I became very sad and hard. And then my husband began to work, and I felt that we started to deviate from each other more and more…” says Nancy.

18 Aug 2012 Frank again was not at home. Nancy thought he was on another trip. She had been at the christening in the Church, then we stopped for takeout and was on my way back home.

“I drove into the garage, and suddenly a man grabbed me by the throat and put a gun to my head,” recalls Nancy shore. He demanded to give him the bag.

Nancy managed to wriggle out, and she was face to face with his attacker, which was a black baseball cap. Bad thinking from the surge of horror, she accidentally handed him the bag of food.

“Then for the third time he demanded my purse, bursting into abuse, says Nancy. — I shoved the purse into his chest and cried, “Lord, save!” and then he shot me in the head and I collapsed”.

Nancy lost consciousness and the attacker ran off with her bag, but somehow never stole the car. When the woman came to, she felt terrible pain and could barely breathe.

The bullet went through his head and lodged in his right lung.

“When I woke up, I thought I was dying, but then the Lord turned to me and said, “Stand up.” He gave me the strength to rise,” says Nancy.

Because the mobile phone was in the stolen bag, the woman crawled to the car and pressed the panic button. It didn’t work, then Nancy gathered his last strength and reached home. There she first saw her reflection in the mirror.

I saw that from my eyes the blood flows right into my beautiful purple blouse… At this point I have not understood that has lost the left eye.Nancy

Nancy could hardly breathe, but managed to dial the emergency phone number and scream into the phone: “help, Help!” Nancy said, where is, and described the attacker. Then she miraculously got to the front door and waited for the paramedics.

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The police were informed about the incident to her children, they called Frank.

“As told then one of my daughters, he began to cry, was in a terrible state. He was eager to save me no matter what,” says Nancy.