Macron traded poor football and infuriated the people

Macron traded poor football and infuriated the people

The President of France Emmanuel Makron, which opponents called the “President of the rich”, was criticized after he chose a trip to the world Cup to address the problem of poverty in the country. About it reports The Local.

The French leader postponed the announcement of the plan by 8.7 million citizens living below the poverty line to attend the world championship held in Russia.

The government’s decision on assistance to the poor was to announce on Tuesday, July 10. However, after the national football team of France beat Argentina and reached the quarter-finals of the championship, where on 6 July to meet with the team of Uruguay, the President decided to visit Russia, if the French will come the semi-finals and will play July 10.

The intention to attend the world Cup if our national team goes as far macron said in may, the newspaper said. However, according to the Minister of health of the country Agn├Ęs Buzin, which participated in developing the plan, the President’s trip may delay the presentation of the programme. At the same time, some politicians say that it may be delayed until September.

In social networks opponents have accused Him of cynicism and reminded that “poverty cannot wait.”

In the government the intention of the President to go to Russia in the first day of the program explained that “such statements are not made on the day of an important game”, and noted that not only football is the reason for the delay.

On 5 July it was reported that according to surveys conducted by Odoxa-Dentsu-Consulting, most French people dissatisfied with the policy pursued by President Makron. More than 70 percent of French called it unfair. The survey polled 1005 French at the age of 18 years, including members of the five French political parties.