“Wikipedia” has suspended work in three European countries in protest

“Wikipedia” has suspended work in three European countries in protest

The Directive on copyright, which this week will consider the European Parliament, will seriously limit the freedom of the Internet, say the creators of the website.

Version of the site “Wikipedia” in Italian, Spanish and Latvian languages went on strike, closing the access to all the articles of the encyclopedia, writes RIA Novosti. Therefore, the resource expressed protest against the draft Directive on copyright.

The draft Directive this week will consider the European Parliament. The voting will take place on 5 July. One of the articles of the document implies that any site in the territory of the European Union will be responsible for sharing content and to follow the copyright infringement.

In practice, this can lead to the fact that users will not be able to share a simple multimedia information.

The founders of Wikipedia believe that the Directive threatens the freedom of online communication and restricts the access to the Internet. They argue that the adoption of this document would seriously limit freedom of the Internet: you may lose your ability to share news on social networks or look for them through search engines. Also, according to them, under threat itself will be “Wikipedia”.

The authors called on all MEPs to vote against the current version of the document and re-start the debate on this issue.