In “Natalie tours” annulled all confirmed tours

In “Natalie tours” annulled all confirmed tours

Moscow. The 4th of July. INTERFAX.RU — the Chapter “Natali Turs” Vladimir Vorobev has declared, that will cancel the confirmed tours, their customers, as not in control of the situation with partners.

“Now, there is a problem with the fact that because of the negative information we can’t last a few days to carry out our obligations to our partners and they fan off “Natalie tours” on the service. We do not see other developments, how to proceed with the cancellation of an already confirmed services”, — he told on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” on Wednesday.

He also said that it plans on Wednesday to hold a working meeting on the problems encountered.

We can’t send tourists in the near future, as we do not control the situation with its partners, therefore, forced to cancel tourist trips. During the day we decide what action we will take next.Vladimir Vorobiev, the head of “Natalie tours”

Press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina said on Wednesday “Interfax” that on Tuesday, met the senior management of one of the Agency networks with the Director of “Natalie tours”. “The parties have agreed that in the near future the management company will direct the tour in the registry problematic requisitions to receive returns. Sparrows confirmed its desire to reimburse the money for pre-booked tours, but stated that to date the timing of return to identify impossible,” she said.

Tyurina added that according to the head of “Natalie tours”, the total number of tour operator customers, who will not be able to use paid tours in July, reaches 1.5 thousand.

July 2, Vorobyov urged the agencies working with “Natalie tours”, to support the partner in a difficult situation, urging them to “understanding and patience”. He stated that trying to minimize inconvenience to customers, the company is looking for a new host partners to replace those who refused to work with the tour operator.

The tour operator “Natalie tours” on June 29 informed the agencies about the cancellation since June 30, Charter programs in four countries — Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, citing the fact that the need to reduce the costs of underutilized flying Charter flights.