The US sanctions aim to zero out the income of Iran from oil sales

The US sanctions aim to zero out the income of Iran from oil sales

WASHINGTON, July 2. /TASS/ — the state Department added that the restrictions also are intended to “increase pressure on the Iranian regime.”

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is aiming to use energy sanctions to reduce to zero the income of Iran from oil sales. This was stated on Monday at a special briefing for journalists the Director of Department of policy planning of the Department of state Brian hook.

A key part of our strategy is a campaign providing maximum economic and diplomatic pressure.Brian Hydrator Department of policy planning of the state Department

He told about the plans of tightening us sanctions against Iran in light of the decision to withdraw from the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), which aimed at resolving the crisis around the nuclear program of Tehran.

As recalled by the hook, “the first part” of us sanctions against Iran will be restored on 6 August. These restrictive measures will cover the automotive sector of Iran and the sale of gold “and other metals”, said the diplomat.

“Our remaining sanctions will enter into force on 4 November. These sanctions will affect the energy sector of Iran, transactions related to oil transactions with Iran’s Central Bank,” said hook.

He stressed that the state Department and the Treasury Department created a “joint team” of officers of high rank from both of these agencies sent to various countries to persuade their leaders to join Washington in providing maximum pressure on Tehran. These trips began on 4 June, and the American emissaries have caused to date, visits to 13 countries “in Europe and East Asia,” said hook.