In the Central district of Barnaul introduced a state of emergency after hurricane

In the Central district of Barnaul introduced a state of emergency after hurricane

BARNAUL, 24 Jun — RIA Novosti. The authorities of Barnaul on Sunday morning imposed a state of emergency on the territory of the Central district of Barnaul, the most affected by the hurricane disaster, the official website of the city hall.

“Central district of the regional capital took the largest brunt of the disaster. Currently disconnected from the power supply and water are the villages of Zaton, Suburban, Montesca, Flowers of Altai, part — Swan, the Satellite, the Solar glade, and Zmeinogorsky tract. On the liquidation of accidents are 11 teams gorelektroseti, at most sites the supply to be restored by lunchtime on 24 June. In the village of Zaton damaged roofs of private houses and apartment buildings”, — stated in the message.

Works on elimination of consequences of the hurricane lasted all night. Difficult situation at pump station No. 8 Water station was flooded surface storm water. To eliminate the accident decided to disconnect water supply of the Central part of the city (from street Papanintsev to the Old market) and the village South and residential houses in the mountainous part of the regional capital, to reduce the water inflow to the pumping station.

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Of social facilities for disabling falls municipal hospital No. 10, located in the village of South. Medical institutions of Nagorno-medical cluster, including the regional clinical hospital will not be disconnected from the water supply. The water utility and other city services will be organized water supply. To return the water supply to consumers is planned on the morning of 25 June.

As at 09.00 a.m. (05.00 GMT) in the morning of Sunday, the city recorded 92 cases of falling trees. Currently, all Central highways of the city cleared of fallen trees and branches, electric vehicle goes on the line. In the regional capital, there are 14 traffic lights.