Trump explained the inscription on the jacket of his wife

Trump explained the inscription on the jacket of his wife

The President of the United States Donald trump explained that it means “I really don’t care, do u?” (I really don’t care, don’t you?) on the back of the jacket his wife Melanie.

In a green jacket with a hood and an inscription on the back the US first lady was wearing at the time, when going to Texas the center for children of illegal immigrants.

Pictures of dress of Melanie trump quickly hit the Network where users and media representatives trying to solve, which means the choice of such clothes, the website

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Donald trump on his Twitter page wrote that the inscription refers to the lying media. His wife allegedly found out about their dishonesty and now she “really don’t care.”

20 Jun trump signed the Executive decree under which the practice of separating families of undocumented migrants terminated. The signing ceremony was held in the oval office of the White house.

19 Jun trump explained the removal of children from families of illegal migrants in the US need to ensure the security of the country. According to him, the authorities intend to end the crisis on the border with Mexico, and for this they need to have the ability to detain and expel entire families, illegally entered the territory of the United States.

Earlier it became known that from mid-April to late may, the U.S. government has separated almost 2 thousand of migrant children with parents or their closest relatives. This happens due to the fact that adult migrants law enforcement agencies to detain you, and no children.