Members of the Karelia Republic abolished the village of Kizhi on lake Onega

Members of the Karelia Republic abolished the village of Kizhi on lake Onega

According to the Deputy Anna Lopatkina, the decision is based on the fact that this village does not actually exist, was the place of residence of the citizens there.

PETROZAVODSK, June 21. /TASS/. Members of the legislative Assembly of Karelia has decided to abolish the abandoned village of Kizhi on the same sacred island on the lake Onega. This is today TASS reported the press service of the Parliament.

“The deputies supported the proposal of the Board medvezhyegorsky municipal district of the Republic on the abolition of the village of Kizhi,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

As explained at the meeting of the regional Parliament Deputy Anna Lopatkina, the deputies ‘ proposal is based on the fact that the village of Kizhi does not actually exist.

The land, which once housed the village is the territory of the Museum-reserve “Kizhi”, the residential buildings on the site of the village no, registered place of residence there. All this was the basis for decision-making by local authorities on the abolition of the village of Kizhi.Anna Lopatkina

The press service of the Museum-reserve “Kizhi” TASS said that the abolition of the non-existent settlement it is necessary “to avoid possible legal conflicts between the lands of settlements and lands of specially protected territories, which are home to the monuments of wooden architecture”.

As told TASS in the administration Velikorusskogo rural settlement, research staff of the Museum-reserve “Kizhi” suggests that in different times — from the XVI to the XIX century on Kizhi island existed before the 12 villages, but according to the administrative Handbook for 1905 locality called Kizhi was not. Mention of the village with the same name is documented by the list of settlements of the Republic in 1926. Then in the village of Kizhi was listed as five households, and in 1960-e years it was listed by one person. All the buildings in place of the said village was dismantled in connection with the organization on the island of Kizhi Museum reserve.