Biker Surgeon opened in Ulyanovsk, the monument misspelled

Biker Surgeon opened in Ulyanovsk, the monument misspelled

It promised to correct in the coming days.

Biker Surgeon (Alexander Zaldostanov) visited Ulyanovsk with an important mission and there on the square Old station, he opened a monument to “the Roads of the great Victory”, dedicated to Ulyanovsk, who fought in the great Patriotic war.

The sculpture was produced at the initiative of the local branch of the motorcycle club “Night wolves”. At the opening of their leader, the Surgeon made a fiery speech about how organically the sculpture fit in the square and he’s proud of this project.

However, it was not so perfect — in the inscription on the monument crept a spelling mistake. In the sentence “Ulyanovsk took part in all the biggest battles” found an extra “t” in the word “participated”.

Biker Surgeon solemnly opened a monument to the spelling error

— The Main Liberal (@ChiefLiberal) June 22, 2018

Head blacksmith yard “Korch” where did the monument, and promised that in near future the error in the caption correct.