The head of the DPRK beat a carpet in China

The head of the DPRK beat a carpet in China

Kim Jong-UN arrived in China for the third time in three months.


DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN yesterday arrived in China to discuss with the President the results of his meeting with the US President on 12 June. Chinese President XI Jinping warmly welcomed the guest and assured him that “support for socialist China North Korea unchanged”. The visit came ahead of soon meeting US officials and North Korea, where it is envisaged to develop a specific format and timing of the disarmament of the DPRK.

The arrival of the North Korean leader to Beijing yesterday morning it became known after he appeared before the cameras with the Secretary-General of the Communist party of China XI Jinping. However, it can be regarded as increasing the level of openness of Pyongyang: previously, the meetings were officially reported after Kim Jong-UN left China. This visit was arranged traditionally ceremoniously: guests were greeted red carpet, an honor guard and reception in the great hall of the people Beijing.

According to official information, the head of the DPRK arrived in Beijing to talk about the results ending on June 12 summit between him and the President of the United States Donald trump. And was rewarded with a demonstration of support from the big neighbor. “Regardless of what changes occur in the region and the world, the Chinese government and party strongly adhere to the unchanging policy of strengthening and developing relations between China and North Korea, said XI Jinping at the meeting.— Friendship of the peoples of China and the DPRK is strong as our support for socialist North Korea.” He also added that China “will continue to play a positive role in promoting the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.”

The visit of Kim Jong-UN to China was third over the past three months (at the end of March he visited Beijing in April, Tsingtao) — North Korean leader met with XI Jinping never over the past five years. This trip unique is the fact that for the first time Kim Jong-UN decided to stay in China for two days. Before he left the country immediately after the talks. During the visit, he, like the previous two times, was accompanied by his wife Lee Sol-Ju, who took a wife of XI Jinping Peng Liyuan.

Kim Jong-UN came to again to enlist China’s support in the talks with Washington, says Vice-President of the Russian international Affairs Council, former Russian Ambassador to Korea, Myanmar and Gleb Ivashentsov.

“The head of North Korea needs security guarantees, and to them he could only in Moscow and Beijing, but not Donald trump, who recently broke the agreements with Iran”, — said “Kommersant” the former diplomat.

The frequent visits by Kim Jong UN in Beijing coincided with the intensification of the negotiation process. On the 12th of June in Singapore at a press conference after meeting with his North Korean counterpart, Donald trump said that “soon” will begin the process of developing a specific format for the denuclearization of the DPRK. Recall that in the joint statement at the summit was given only the most General outlines of the future process of eliminating Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and its mechanisms remain to be clarified. China and Russia insist that this process must be gradual, and every concession by the DPRK, the US should give an adequate response. Washington says it will go on retaliatory measures only after the complete, irreversible and verifiable denuclearization of the DPRK.

Support of Beijing’s important DPRK because China is the only country capable of solving the economic problems of North Korea. Before the introduction in September 2017 forbidding trade with North Korea of UN security Council sanctions, the trade turnover with China amounted to 90% of the total trade of North Korea. A substantial part of it was accounted for by cross-border smuggling, which the authorities of the PRC eliminated in the middle of 2017, causing a sharp rise in prices of many goods in the DPRK.

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