Rosobrnadzor told the graduates, how to choose the right University

Rosobrnadzor told the graduates, how to choose the right University

MOSCOW, 20 Jun — RIA Novosti. Rosobrnadzor reminds the students about the beginning of the admission campaign and encourages them to carefully approach the choice of University.

To start receiving applications the universities have a deadline of 20 June.

“Before applying to University or a branch, make sure it has a valid license and state accreditation on the selected training program. The University license and accreditation is available on the portal “Map of universities”. In case of the absence or suspension of the state accreditation, the University has no right to hold the state final examination and to issue diplomas of the Ministry of education of the established sample”, — stated in the message service.

Rosobrnadzor reminds that graduates this may prevent them from practising.

“In addition, in the case of termination/suspension of the state accreditation programs of the University, students cannot be guaranteed a deferment from service in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, it cannot be used for tuition funds of the parent capital, to continue their education in accredited programmes of graduate and postgraduate programs”, — stated in the message.

For the majority of students who come only on the exam, submission of documents ends on July 26. The universities conduct additional entrance tests of creative and (or) professional orientation, complete the acceptance of documents not earlier than on 7 July.