A simulation of goodwill recognized threat

A simulation of goodwill recognized threat

A study conducted by the American sociologist Arlie Russell Hochshild (Arlie Russell Hochschild), proved harm professions that require emotional labor associated with hiding the true feelings. About it reports BBC News.

Suppression of emotions leads to stress, burnout and anxiety, found a study. Hochshild argues that emotional labor is the work to create a specific emotional image of your face and body language in the workplace. The generation of emotions can be expressed differently: employees how to hide the negative feelings, and feign friendliness, fulfilling professional responsibilities. Experts say that emotional labor is a feature of nearly all professions related to the interaction with people.

They are forced not to Express negative emotions, and always maintain the goodwill and disposition to passengers.

In March, a use was found addiction to self-reflection. Analysis of past failures can help to improve performance when solving new problems, and their critical description leads to a decrease in the level of “stress” hormone cortisol, researchers found.