“Deselect” continued in Audi

“Deselect” continued in Audi

The head of Audi, was taken into custody — Rupert Stadler was detained in Germany in the case of the so-called “disilicate”. The company Volkswagen, which is part of the Audi, was accused of falsifying data about the level of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. With details — Alexander Kozlova and Yana Lubnina.

German carmaker Volkswagen was at the center of oil in 2015. Then it turned out that several million diesel vehicles worldwide were equipped with the software which during testing is ten times lower amount of harmful gases emitted into the air. Hidden devices then was discovered and in the line of Audi A3.

When the CEO of Audi, Rupert Stadler told Audi A3 40 TFSI, it was called the tough competition one of the reasons for the emergence of this model: “When it comes to digital developments, you must always be ahead of everyone. This is a game with very strict rules. We all feel strong competition, and Mercedes is not the only opponent. We began a highly productive program that will take its place in the market.”

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Opaque, it was also found in the filling of more than 1 million cars of the brand Skoda, and several hundred thousand car SEAT.

Due to “desligada” the Volkswagen group has already paid about $30 billion of fines. Hundreds of thousands of owners in Europe and the United States returned to their cars concern because of the harmful emissions. Thus, only in the States, Volkswagen bought about 350 thousand cars, which took more than $7 billion.