Beyonce and Jay-Z was accused of immodesty because of variations in the Louvre clip

Beyonce and Jay-Z was accused of immodesty because of variations in the Louvre clip

The Carters, the Duo married couple Beyonce and Jay-Z released the album “Everything is Love” and took in the Louvre the video for the title single.

The release was not announced in advance, and therefore came as a shock to fans. Critics, however, say that the pair plan to create hype around a duet plate looks more like a desperate attempt to save from collapse mired in scandals streaming service Tidal, which is owned by Jay-Z.

Married couple Beyonce and Jay-Z by his stage name The Carters released their first Duo album, “Everything is Love” and released online the video for the song “Apesh-t”, which caused a great resonance in the Internet and press.

The video was filmed in the Louvre Museum among the exhibits, familiar from childhood almost everyone on the planet. Some thought it was a failed attempt on the part of couples to put themselves on a par with the masterpieces of the world culture of lasting value.

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The video was a real surprise, because the process of filming was kept secret. The obvious question is how the musicians managed to close the Louvre for visits and secretly shoot video indoors the most famous Museum in the world. One can only assume that the shooting took place at night.

In addition, it is known that to rent the Louvre not only costs money, but it also demands, that is, the availability of administrative resources.

Despite the hype in the media, the clip is unlikely to beat the records to display.

During the first 12 hours video watched by 3 million people on YouTube, that would cause an ironic smile Chayldisha Gambino, whose megahit “This is America” gathered in the first two days of 35 million views.

Clip star couple also caused a mixed reaction among viewers. In addition to favorable reviews, appeared in social networks and sarcastic remarks. So, some even considered that musicians have defiled the sacred place, where the masterpieces of world art and sculpture.

The majority of fans rebuked the Duo in what is now the Louvre will be associated with beyoncé and her husband, not art.

By the way, a couple is not the first time criticize in connection with the main Museum of Paris. Four years ago, Beyonce appeared family photo session, where the musicians together with her daughter walked through the empty Cathedral. Notice in the photo on the background of the “Mona Lisa” and noticed that the couple are too close to the picture that is inaccessible to ordinary visitors, since “Mona Lisa” is behind the wooden fence that protects the canvas of Leonardo Da Vinci from the crowd. It turns out that the actors had violated the rules of visiting the Museum and went over the fence.