Customers Polar Tour can stay without rest

Customers Polar Tour can stay without rest

Dozens of calls from travel agents and customers Polar Tour entered the legal Department of the Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm) on Friday. It is reported by the head of Department Izo Arakhamiya, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Previously, on 15 June, the company announced the suspension of activities. The text explains that Polar Tour is unable to fulfill the obligations of sub-Agency agreements.

As the site notes “vestige” the number of tourists can range from several hundred to 2 thousand.

To the legal Department already has received about 30 calls. While tourists rarely call, as they primarily apply to travel, which was acquired tours. A large part of calls from Agency companies.

“It is not clear exactly what the tour operators worked Polar Tour, but according to travel agents, we learned about some of the tour operators. Now they need to be confirmed and announced how many tours were booked, how many of them have been completely or partially paid. Then the picture will be more or less clear”, — Arakhamiya told.

She said that the authority will return to the CPS, who will check for compliance of contracts with legal requirements.

Arakhamia stressed that even in the case of violations or discrepancies, tourists should not be affected.