The head of the Serpukhov district raised to the Federal level

The head of the Serpukhov district raised to the Federal level

Central staff RCDS detained Alexander Shestun.

On Wednesday employees of the Main investigatory management (GSU) Investigatory Committee of Russia (TFR) and the FSB operatives all day he searched the house of the head of the Serpukhov area of Moscow suburbs Alexander Shestun, and then officials detained for two days. Investigative activities were carried out in the framework of the criminal case about excess of powers of office: according to investigators, ten years ago, by order of the head of the district was leased a plot of land worth several tens of millions rubles, which is then wrongly privatized. In an environment of mister Shestun say that his signature on the decree on the allocation of land was not, and the prosecution of officials attributed to his unwillingness to resign.

In the village of Priluki, on the edge of which in a pine forest in your own home, home to Alexander Shestun with his wife and four children, employees SKR and FSB have arrived at six in the morning. All approaches to the mansion was blocked by several dozen armed men in black uniform, but without any stripes, outstanding departmental affiliation. The search continued till late evening. Approached a lawyer and press Secretary Alexander Shestun security forces flowing inside the house refused.

At three o’clock the house was approached by the ambulance crew: mister Shestun blood pressure rose suddenly. Interestingly, at the beginning and physicians to the patient is not admitted, and only after the doctor called on a cell phone, the gate before him opened. However, the medical team was not enough, and soon arrived at another ambulance crew. This time doctors missed without problems.

In the evening it became known that Alexander Shestun is already interrogated in the building of the Central office of the TFR in the Technical lane Moscow. It is not excluded that here he was taken in the same ambulance as none were on duty near his home close to the official saw it withdrawn from the site. Even the lawyer went to the Investigative Committee later own transport. The interrogation ended later in the evening. The investigation suggests Thursday to present the official charge, and to appeal to the Basmanny court of Moscow with the request for his arrest.

According to “Kommersant”, the investigative activities were carried out in the framework of the criminal case initiated TFR under part 3 of article 286 of the RF criminal code (exceeding official powers inflicting grave consequences).

According to the investigation, mister Shestun in August 2008 without the consent of the district administration has allocated open company “the Center” 10 hectares of land near the village of Borisovo for the construction of the shopping center. The land was transferred in rent at a reduced price because it was about the construction of socially significant object. However, as stated in the case, received the land the company in some time extended plot, the cost of which the result is estimated more than in 60 million roubles, in the property and bought it from authorities just over 600 thousand.

As a result, instead of the store there began the construction of cottages. According to the investigation, this entire Scam was carried out not only with the knowledge but with the approval of the mister Shestun.

The official himself has always denied involvement in any illegal operations with this phase, because, according to him, at a time when the earth renews and sold, he was on leave and no documents were signed.

Surrounded by Alexander Shestun believe that the grounds for criminal prosecution of officials at the TFR there, and military action against him is connected with unwillingness of mister Shestun to resign. Note that two months ago, Alexander Shestun posted on the Internet appeal to President Vladimir Putin, which complained of the high-ranking employees of FSB and Moscow officials who required him to petition for the resignation at own will and not to nominate his candidacy in the upcoming September regular district election. To address mister Shestun, who led the district with a short break in 2003, said the recording of telephone conversations, confirming his words.

Oleg Rubikovich