In Russia they burn thousands of hectares of forest in order to save

In Russia they burn thousands of hectares of forest in order to save

In Krasnoyarsk region the staff of forestry monitor 13 fires on a total area of 4859 hectares, of which 4375 are covered with forest.

In Krasnoyarsk region have decided not to put out 13 fires in the Evenki and Yenisei areas. This was reported on the website of the regional Ministry of forestry Thursday, June 14.

“According to preliminary data, the projected costs of extinguishing these fires will exceed the possible harm that can be caused by them”, — noted in the message.

Fires monitored by satellite.

In addition, on Thursday morning in the region recorded nine fires with a total area of 17.2 hectares in the above, and also in Boguchany, Abansky, Kartouzska and ermakovskoe areas. Staff forest Fire centre, and their subordinate force a total population of 111 people have localized four of them.

The forest is burning mostly in remote areas. Threats to human settlements, according to the Ministry of forestry, no. However, the owners of plots bordering the forest’s recommended to clean the strip with a minimum width of 10 metres from the trees or to arrange a saline band around the area not less than half a meter wide.

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