In “Naftogaz” told about “irreversible consequences” from the “Nord stream — 2”

In “Naftogaz” told about “irreversible consequences” from the “Nord stream — 2”

The implementation of the “Nord stream — 2” will lead to “irreversible” consequences for Europe, said the Director of business development of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko.

“The project “Nord stream — 2″ violates European legislation and lead to irreversible consequences, and will kill competition in European gas markets under the action of gas blackmail of Gazprom”, — stated in the page of the Ukrainian companies in Facebook.

In addition, the bloc lashed out at Germany for the position of dispute between Russia and Ukraine over gas contracts signed in 2009.

“Let’s be honest, Germany was pressing on us so we signed the agreement in 2009. They didn’t want to go into details. They were satisfied that the Russians said that this contract is in line with European rules,” — said Vitrenko.

The gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2” is based off the coast of Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea. Most European countries support the project. The building permit already issued by Germany, Finland, Sweden.

Act against the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine, which fears to lose the benefits from the transit of gas. Also expressed dissatisfaction with the United States, which want to supply Europe with its LNG.

Russia has repeatedly emphasized the commercial nature of the project and urged him not to politicize. Moscow has indicated that the goal of construction is to ensure reliable gas supplies to Europe. At the same time Moscow is ready to keep some supplies via the territory of Ukraine.