“The retirement age will have to increase”

“The retirement age will have to increase”

Secretary of the Public chamber Valery Fadeev about the reform of the social sphere, the may presidential decree and volunteering.

Landfills ought to be nationalized to create a single national operator for waste management, said Secretary of the RF Public chamber Valery Fadeev.

In an interview with “Izvestia”, he told about how OP plans to participate in resolving the issue of recycling and other environmental and social problems.

Also the head of the chamber said that to raise the retirement age in any case have, however, urged to do it gradually. In General in his work OP plans to be guided by the may decree of the President: according to Valery Fadeeva, this document is a “response to public needs.”

Among the most acute problems affecting the storage and disposal of garbage. The President has charged to create in all regions a system of social control, which will deal with detection and elimination of unauthorized dumps. It’s clear how you can engage in this process?

— Because of rising living standards in the past decade, we have been producing garbage twice. But the infrastructure for it is not created, so the landfill is full.

The situation with “Sound” in Volokolamsk arose precisely because the standard of acceptance of waste by landfill has been exceeded by 2.5 times.

The suburbs can’t make the debris stream that produces Moscow. People against the construction of incinerators, as not believe that will burn pure garbage. And they are right: we must start with separate collection, then processing, after which one part will go to the incinerators, and the other to landfill. Moscow and Moscow suburbs will have to send garbage to other regions, and by rail — it is cheaper.

But other regions may not want to accept this garbage.

— It is necessary to do so in other regions, people were not afraid for their health. The state must show that a responsible attitude to recycling. However, there are private garbage business, which promised a lot and did not do, having a lot of money.

Therefore, all landfills should primarily be nationalized to create a single national operator on radioactive waste management.

— How the chamber can contribute in solving this problem?

— It is necessary to adopt a scheme, of which we speak, and we will continue to push. We have already discussed it with the regional heads, and I hope the new Minister of construction Vladimir Yakushev. He was Governor of the Tyumen region, and there is no such problem. We already called and scheduled an appointment.

Environmental concerns in the society is the Mongolian and the construction of hydroelectric power station on the Selenga. How to save Baikal?

— Environmental protection involved seven agencies, and to establish cooperation between them difficult. We gathered in the OP coordination Council for environmental safety, will prepare the decision. Officials want big budgets, but sometimes you can get minimal funding. For example, the bloom lake Baikal comes from the fact that the lake gets the phosphorus contained in household chemicals. So, in the vicinity of Baikal it is necessary to sell detergents with a low content of it. They are more expensive, and that people are not outraged, they need to subsidize. It is inexpensive. We will promote via community councils that idea. It is precisely the transition from public control to public control.