In the United States began to produce whiskey on the basis of jet beaver

In the United States began to produce whiskey on the basis of jet beaver

NEW YORK, June 13. /Offset. TASS Igor Borisenko/. Aged in oak barrels for Bourbon-based beaver jet — odorous substances secreted from special glands beaver river with a musky scent with a tar hue — began producing distillery in the state of new Hampshire, razreklamirovala this variety as “very rare in the world.”

As reported on Tuesday, the news Agency Associated Press, the new fortress 44% received the name Eau De Musc.

The drafters of the recipe of a new kind of whiskey say that jet beaver has long been used as a flavoring agent. This substance is included in the Federal Agency for quality control of food and medicine to the list of safe ingredients. It supposedly gives the whiskey “the bright color and fruity taste with hints of skin tone and a slight scent of vanilla”. Necessary for the production component the company receives from local trappers hunted beavers.

In addition, in the manufacture of this class whisky canadian wild ginger, raspberries “to create a savory taste”, spruce needles, birch bark and maple syrup.

In the United States for making the drink using rye, barley, wheat, corn. Bourbon is made from mash containing at least 51% corn. All whiskeys except corn, producers are required to be aged in barrels. In respect of corn whiskey this rule does not apply, but if it is aged in barrels, then to the castle above the 62.5%. The total volume of production of whiskey in the U.S. is 37 million boxes.