In Paris, the unknown took hostages

In Paris, the unknown took hostages

PARIS, June 12. /TASS/. Hostage-taking committed by unknown on Tuesday in the French capital. This was announced by the Prefecture of police.

According to her, launched a special operation. In the town heard sirens of police cars.

As reported by the TV channel BFM, seized several people the man wants a meeting with the Ambassador of Iran in France.

It is reported that we are not talking about the attack. Street petite, ekyuri in the 10th arrondissement of Paris closed, police operation underway. In addition to the riot police arrived and firefighters.

The exact number of hostages is unknown. The man, whom police were able to establish a connection, asserts that captured the three people. According to the channel СNEWS, one of them seriously wounded in the head.

The operation was conducted spetsbrigada to combat organized crime, not a special unit to combat terrorism.