FSB introduces new requirements for job applicants

FSB introduces new requirements for job applicants

MOSCOW, 10 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Federal security service of Russia expands the list of information that must be provided by the candidates to work in the organs of the FSB — they will have, in particular, to report any criminal cases against their relatives.

The corresponding draft order of the Director of the FSB published on Sunday on the official portal of draft regulations. As noted in the explanatory note to the draft, the document was prepared in order to improve the efficiency of own safety of the FSB and provides for the expansion of the list of information submitted by candidates.

The draft order establishes the obligation of the candidate to report the facts of a criminal case against his spouse (spouse) and close relatives, and also the occurrence he, his spouse (spouse) and minor children, rights of use, possession or disposition of cars, buses, trucks subject to the state registration of water and air vehicles.