Chinese residence: Russian brands captured market of China

Chinese residence: Russian brands captured market of China

RIA Novosti, Alexander Forest. Income growth of the population of China increases the purchasing power of citizens and opens new market niches. This is used by Russian food producers, establishing a supply of sweets, dairy products, honey, beer and other goods.

How to change the range of shopping China — in the material RIA Novosti.

Bottoms up

The Chinese market is very attractive: it is nearly half a billion people who need something to eat, to drink, to get dressed. Moreover, the level of poverty in the country — less than two percent and is steadily declining.

The increased purchasing power has allowed the population to expand the usual range due to imported food, which until recently for most was an unaffordable luxury.

However, now the terms “premium” and “imported” in China are perceived as synonyms. Shipping the most basic of goods from Europe dramatically increases their cost. As a result, in the category of expensive brands got beer “Baltika”, which the locals call “Bological, pizzu” (“Baltic sea”).

But the demand is fantastic — in the words of the representative of the company Elena Volgusheva, Chinese share in total exports reached 15 percent, and only in China was 43 trademark owned by “Baltika”.

The popularity of the brand in China and says Chinese habit to counterfeit everything that is bad: in may of 2017 our brewers even had to sue a local manufacturer, fully copied the “Baltic” packaging. The only difference is the name: counterfeit product sold under the brand Kuyadom. Oil poured into the fire and merchandisers: they decided not to bother and put a knockoff on a shelf with the original product.

Peace, friendship, ice cream

Russian ice cream in China like a long time, and in September of 2016, Vladimir Putin personally helped domestic bakers to finally gain a foothold in the huge market of China (already at that time reached to 6.65 billion per year), giving Chinese counterpart XI Jinping a whole box of Goodies. Comrade XI was very grateful.