In Georgia, 30 people beat Russian tourists

In Georgia, 30 people beat Russian tourists

Residents of the Georgian village of Gudauri, beat Russian pilot-paraglider Fedora Chelysheva. Video of the incident and the details published in Facebook.

“30 local residents, sauce “this is my land, go home”, was beaten almost to death pilot Fyodor Chelysheva. Were kicking stones on the head and throughout the body. Theodore a severe concussion (the pilot’s helmet moved on the eye, kicked in the head, tore mounted on the helmet GoPro camera), a broken nose, bruised kidney, broken glass in the car,” wrote the author of the article Nina topil’s’ke.

“Police are unable to do anything. Just accepted the statement. Threats and obscenities continued. Moral pressure is also. We will seek the maximum punishment for the perpetrators,” she added. The cause of the conflict she did not call.

The Agency “news-Georgia” notes that after Chelyshev, together with accompanying persons left the scene of the attack on him, in their car throwing stones.

The Georgian interior Ministry opened a criminal case under articles “Violence” and “Damage to property”.

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