Discovered destroying competitors dangerous virus “Babayaga”

Discovered destroying competitors dangerous virus “Babayaga”

Researchers at security company Defiant found the malware BabaYaga for hacking websites based on WordPress, which is able to protect themselves from other malware. They reported about it in his blog.

Experts suggest that the development of BabaYaga are Russian hackers. This malicious software appeared for a long time, but last update made it a serious opponent for site administrators.

The infected page redirecting users to marketing links: if the victim buys them goods, then the hacker gets a percentage of sales of the store. According to experts, BabaYaga consists of two modules: one implementing the spam in vulnerable sites, and the second module backdoor allows cybercriminals to control the infected page at any time.

Unlike other similar viruses, BabaYaga able to update the website of the victim, but also remove competing malware. These opportunities are directly linked to the ability of the virus to enter the spam vulnerable websites. As most of the major functions performed in conjunction with downloading the WordPress, you want to make it work correctly. “If something breaks WordPress, scripts are not run malware when you visit a page,” said the experts.