The twins cheated all your photos for the Yearbook

The twins cheated all your photos for the Yearbook

Not immediately realize that something here not so.

American student Marcus Williams posted on Twitter page of your school Yearbook. There he photographed near his brother Malcolm, who smiles a Hollywood smile. Marcus himself at this time looks serious and a little sad.

But, as explained by the student, in fact in the picture his not — brother posed for two of them at the time, while Marcus was home sick.

Twitter users were delighted with the cunning plan of the twins and immediately they were jealous.

After all, to have similar to you a man very comfortable in many situations.

my twin is the GOAT ??he took both of our pics for Picture day back in HS when I was sick

— Marcus Williams (@marcus6096) 4 Jun 2018

My brother is cool. He was photographed for the both of us for the album until I was sick.

Copy, Edit, paste.

— Marcus Williams (@marcus6096) 2 may 2018.

That’s live, lol my twin got fired from his job a few months ago and rehired in my name as “Ryan” ? #TwinNation

— Ryan Lance 6’9 (@RyanLance_) 5 Jun 2018

That’s life. My twin brother got fired from my job a couple of months ago, but now picked up again when he introduced himself my name “Ryan”.

tbh it took me 2 years to figure out y’all were twins. I thought I just kept seeing the same person walking around the halls but then realized there’s two of you?? ♀app?

— laighson (@laighsonpruitt) 5 Jun 2018

To be honest, it took me two years to understand that you are twins. I guess I just always saw you individually, so it is later realized that the two of you.

Twins are so lit. Switching places seems so fun I’m so jealous. ?

— Nicki ™ ?✨ (@_nickix33) 5 Jun 2018

Gemini — it’s cool. To change places so funny, I envy you.