The genocide of pensioners. Curtain after talking with the President

The genocide of pensioners. Curtain after talking with the President

On “the Direct line” with the President to wait for sensitive issues was not necessary. It would be too much, given the situation in the country and in the world. In addition, all critical questions to Vladimir Vladimirovich asked earlier. They announced the Austrian journalist Armin wolf on the eve of Russian President’s visit to Vienna.

Meanwhile, the troubles of Russia in a live broadcast still leaked a lot. First of all, in the medical field, with which the country has become so bad that to hide there’s no point. Live from the town of Strunino, Vladimir region, was not complete, but a relatively good illustration of how optimization sentenced Russian medicine, and with it the whole country. Office reduced, no repairs, specialists, too. People are dying.

And then, according to the scenario, to resolve the issues in Strunino contacted the Governor of the Vladimir region. Lady spoke for a long time and optimistic with the overall message: “All is well”. As they say, cool story, so hard to believe. Because immediately after the bravura of the lady-governors of the brave — or not say — the inhabitants of Strunino said: “Dear, you’re lying. You say that offices are not closed but they are closed. People go to be treated for many miles in Alexandria. And we have no money for it. What do we do?”.

Little lady-the Governor shook in his chair, literally and figuratively. More history that went wrong, turned. Will it be positive for people? I doubt it. And it is likely that in relation to the action team will use, say, sanctions, although at first mimic violent activity in the salvation of Strunino. To be silent, when the Governor broadcasts an optimistic manifestos.

Based on what my confidence? 20 minutes to the plot of Strunino was asked for oncological problems in Russia, which is still very much. Including remembered the girl Dasha Starikov from the city of Apatity. Let me remind you that last “Straight line” with the President, she told a horrible story about how due to the optimization of the medicine she was diagnosed with “degenerative disc disease” is cancer, passed ultimately into the last stage. Dasha Starikov died recently. It is not saved. “Save other people, Vladimir Vladimirovich,” — begged Dasha. But, despite all the bravura reports, it became clear that the situation in Apatity has not changed for the better. I’m afraid that with Strunino will be released the same murderous story.