The frenzy is on target. The strangest goods for the 2018 world Cup

The frenzy is on target. The strangest goods for the 2018 world Cup

Water bottles that cause a fire, velvet balls more expensive than the latest iPhone, tomatoes and other strange goods, devoted world championship on football, — the selection

2.5-liter water bottle in the shape of a soccer ball released for the world Cup “Holy spring”. As it turned out, this is a perfect magnifying glass, which, being under the rays of the sun ignite everything around.

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“If you compare the sphere and the cylinder, a conventional cylindrical bottle focuses the light only in one plane. A spherical lens in two planes and accumulates a greater amount of energy,” explained physicist and popularizer Artem Korzhimanov.

PR Manager at IDS Borjomi Natalia Zaslavskaya said packaging in the form of a ball released in a limited edition, but did not mention the exact number of shipped bottles.

She stressed that the product complies with all the applicable international and domestic regulations and standards. The manufacturer guarantees the quality and safety under recommended storage conditions. “Every label we specify: “Store in a dark, dry ventilated premise at temperature from +2 to +25 degrees Celsius,” — said “Fontanka” Zaslavskaya.

Meanwhile, Auchan has already announced the suspension of sales of round bottles. “Auchan Retail Russia” aims to provide buyers with quality and safe goods, — have informed “RIA Novosti” Director of corporate communications Maria Kurnosova.

On a stick

Other questionable goods, released for the championship, though, and do not lead to uncontrollable flames, it can repeat the fate of the bottles.

For example, cucumber on a stick, pickled in beer. It was introduced in April as one of the options for football street-food-festival Welcome manualtransmission Foodball Cup 2018. According to the creators, it’s the restaurant food prepared in such a way that it fits in one hand. “We now have many restaurants and cafes are working to ensure that each guest after dinner they could carry a “piece” of this restaurant as a gastronomic souvenir,” — said the coordinator of the Federal project “Gastronomic map of Russia” Ekaterina Shapovalova. However, in the final version of the menu of the festival, from June 14 to July 15 will visit the cities-participants of the world Cup, cucumber on a stick not included.

Made for football fans and lollipops. Photo lollipops with the image coach of the Russian team of Stanislav Cherchesov was posted on Twitter sports commentator Vladimir stognienko.

In Yekaterinburg sell these lollipops. Suarez, Leo and Glushakov was also available.

— Vladimir Stognienko (@VStognienko) 25 may 2018

How came the idea to produce similar, told Business FM Director of the Bureau of architecture Rubis sweet Cookies Igor Rubanov:

The world championship decided, what the lollipops with some football stars are interesting because not everyone will get to see them live, and to leave a souvenir, like Ronaldo, Messi, Salah or Akinfeev, it would probably be interesting. As the world Cup in Russia, we decided to make them in the shape of Russian dolls. Ordered caricatures of famous football players, we got them on a team — 11 people, one spare. As a coach we took the image of the coach of our team. Retail they are probably from 80 to 150 rubles.

Buy candies you can, for example, on the online flea market. The seller is from Saint-Petersburg offers to send a party of 200 lollipops with “famous futboleros”, 100 rubles apiece. “Profit can easily count themselves”, adds the seller.

With whistle

The profits from such products may be impressive given the fact that from November 2017 to April 2018 merchandising of the 2018 world Cup began to buy five times more often. And from March to April, the number of such purchases grew 2.1 times, according to a quick review of consumer demand held by the operator’s fiscal data “Platform of the CRF”. And that’s even before the arrival of foreign fans.