In Russia, found a way to destroy the American aircraft carrier

In Russia, found a way to destroy the American aircraft carrier

The Russian submarine bomber Tu-22M3 equipped with three cruise missile X-32, capable of hitting any us aircraft carrier, said to RIA Novosti doctor of military Sciences, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences captain first rank Konstantin Sivkov.

“Chance to intercept the approaching carrier battle group, the submarine is virtually no, because the range of the Kh-32 — about a thousand kilometers, and the radius of interception of the purposes of the carrier-based aircraft — about 400 kilometers,” — said the expert.

According to him, “if the fighters are on duty in the air, this distance increases to a maximum of 600 kilometers that is not enough,” and hypersonic speed makes the missile invulnerable to the missile defense system (missile defense) of the enemy ships aircraft carrier group. “Therefore, the putting into service of Tu-22M3M is a serious threat for the aircraft carrier of the US Navy,” — said the expert.

In June, The National Interest suggested that the Tu-22M3 with Kh-32 will make the objects NATO worldwide as vulnerable as during the cold war.

Russian long-range supersonic missile-bomber with variable sweep wing Tu-22M3 needs to obtain X-32 by October of this year. At the disposal of Russia has, according to various estimates, from 20 to 30 Tu-22M, which will upgrade (replace the engines, avionics and weapons) to the Tu-22M3.

Cruise missile air-launched class “air-surface” X-32, developed by engineering design Bureau “rainbow”, has a range of 600-1000 kilometers and a speed of 4-5,4 thousand kilometers per hour.