A student from China created the first “bad” robocoach

A student from China created the first “bad” robocoach

If anything, it may even shock.

Bad Dog is a robotic pet that, on the idea of the Creator is to help people to cope with loneliness. As you know, the residents of large high-tech cities in China are too busy for friends or a serious relationship, and having a real pet, they have no opportunities.

That may like a new dog-robot, which is constructed by the student from Shanghai Khang Armin. His creation he called “bad dog”, but it’s not because the device is not working properly. The main feature Bad Dog — resentment.

If the owner is mistreating him or pays him little attention, glass eyes of the dog light up a fierce red light and it will become uncooperative.

But if that doesn’t help, the dog can hit a man with a light charge of electricity (probably to teach him to bite, turned out to be an impossible task).

But in General, roboshobo very sweet and sociable and she has a lot of advantages. For example, it is completely independent — may even take the parcel from the courier. In addition, the device can determine the mood of his master and to adapt to it. Even in the case of long lying person on the sofa dog tech will be able to distinguish laziness from illness or even death. In the near future the dog will teach in case of emergency call using Internet service of rescue and medical personnel.

Robot height of about 30 centimeters, now it is available in white color, but the developer intends the following model to represent in a transparent case to make the dog “more space”.

To develop Bad Dog gone 50 days, after which the dog printed on a 3D printer.

Bad Dog robot is shocking China’s youth out of their loneliness https://t.co/CTujKKjgsq by @technodechina pic.twitter.com/68YQxLSV66

— CHINA (@china) 7 June 2018